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The Evolution of the New Generations

With 36 years of experience in the development and production of climate chambers, Aralab launches on the market the first evolution of the TESTA chambers - a new generation of climate and temperature test chambers.

A project developed in partnership with Itecons

CO-financed by:

Features highlight

Aralab's modern 'test tube' design in the front integrated with the front panel
New updated touch-screen controller from the TESTA generation
New door lock
New command panel, created with the TESTA generation
More efficient ventilators
Better cooling and heating rates

Additional improvements

Replaceable observation window and new door hinges
Modular design, with separate structure, door and electrical board, to optimize suppliers and stocks
Redesigned kits for integrating componets as R.O water tanks, Heat booster or Psychrometric tank
Technical area with compatible fixings for all ranges (-20, -45 and -75⁰C)
Pressure balance of observation window glass
Bigger evaporator (TESTA+ 1200)


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2635-047 Rio De Mouro


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